Product Overview

Timeline View

Timeline View makes it easy to build visual roadmaps based on dates. Drag and drop bars to quickly update the roadmap as your priorities change. Flexible timeline settings let you display your roadmap by Weeks, Months, Quarters or Sprints.

List View

List View lets you pivot your roadmap and display your initiatives in vertical columns. Group items by dates (such as Quarters), or customize your columns to build Kanban-style roadmaps or display initiatives by project owner.

Master Plan

Roll up multiple roadmaps into a Master Plan to understand your entire product portfolio at a glance. Expand Lanes and Containers to tailor the amount of detail you display, and easily share Master Plans with your entire team.

Planning Board

The Planning Board gives you an easy way to prioritize items in the backlog using a fully customizable weighted scoring model. Once you've prioritize items, you can drag them onto the roadmap directly from the Planning Board.

Table Layout

The Table Layout is a place to keep your backlog of ideas and bug fixes. You can import a spreadsheet into Table Layout or sync with Jira to save time and automatically pull in initiatives for your team to review.